First Entry to Memoir

23 Apr


I have read plenty of blogs over the years and I have been greatly entertained by them but I have never thought about writing one myself. I guess I just had no idea what I would write about because at times my mind can be a completely jumbled cluster f%$* of a mess. Also, partly because I couldn’t decide exactly what direction my blog would go. I mean there are a lot of things in this world that I am interested in. Music, Movies, Family and Friends. You know average everyday stuff but the one thing I could truly focus on was gaming. I mean gaming takes up such a large portion of my life that sometimes I think I know my gaming friends more than I know my “3D” friends (You know the people I know in the “Real World”). What makes me being a gamer a “twist” is I am a FEMALE GAMER! I know can you believe it? I mean who knew? Well the funny thing is I am not the only one but to hear some of the comments I get on Xbox Live (Which is my online gaming experience of choice!) you would think I was the only female surviving in the world of men. I really don;t get what all the fuss is about sometimes and the questions I get are beyond ridiculous. If I had a nickel for every time I was asked “Are you really a girl?” “What do you look like?” “Are you hot?” I would be beyond rich. Oh and one of my favorite comments of all time is “You must be fat and ugly why else would you be playing video games” As if it is inconceivable that an attractive woman would ever be interested in playing video games. Well I am one of those attractive woman world! I love my video games and I am competitive. I play to win and I don’t complain and whine when I lose. I am a gamer through and through and if anyone has a problem with it they can kiss my Call of Duty Loving Ass! LOL
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