Are all male gamers SORE LOSERS?

25 Apr

I know that all male gamers are not sore losers. I have come across some who thought it was pretty cool that I whipped their asses. However, I have come across more bad apples than good ones. I would like to think that it has more to do with them being beat out by a female than being beat at all but this particular game turned out of control very quickly.
One of my favorite games as of lately is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I am quite addicted to the game even though it is filled with a ridiculous amount of glitches most of which have been fixed. But for everyone one of the glitches they fix another one seems to appear (but that is another story all together). I usually play Hardcore Team Death match with my clan but when my clan isn’t available I play Free For All. So I am playing my Free For All and I am getting warmed up so I am placing top five each round.

Once I am running hot and I get lucky with a couple of back to back maps that I completely dominate in (Sub Base and Afghan) I place 1st in both maps with plenty of time to spare. Then all hell breaks loose. Back in the lobby after the two rounds I won it was discovered that I was a female. I believe someone looked at my profile because I didn’t do a lot of talking. Next thing you know I hear “I got beat out by a BITCH!”. The game lobby is now filled with laughter. I am sitting in my comfy game chair thinking this is some bullshit. I win a couple of good games and I get called a bitch for it. But it comes with the territory of being a female gamer.

This shit stain however was going to regret those words because I became a COD2 Stalker for the next two maps! Since he called me a bitch every time he came across my screen I made it a point to kill him in the most ridiculous and insulting ways. Once I killed him by throwing a pack of C4 at him and detonated it while he was shooting me. I got called “A fat sloppy bitch” for that one. Once I found him camping in a room with claymore placed at the door for protection. Since he was sitting fairly close to it I shot it so that the blast would take him with it which it did. He screamed bloody murder then there was the time I waited for him in the bushes and I let 3 other gamers pass me but once he hit the corner I changed classes just so I could kill him with a throwing knife from the bushes. “I was a dirty slut!” for that one.

To his credit he didn’t call me any racial slurs which people easily call me on Xbox Live. He just decided to stick with the usual woman hating speak. You would think that men would love female gamers. I mean I thought men would love to have an attractive woman to hang out with who is into games just as much as he is. Can you imagine a woman who would not only leave you in peace to play your Madden Football game or the latest First Person Shooter but a woman who would pick up the other controller and give you a run for your money. If the world wants more Olivia Munn’s running around try not calling every chick that whoops your ass a bitch on Xbox Live.

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