Xbox Live Dating is Ridiculous!!

25 May

Okay being a female gamer I hear just about every pick line in the book on Xbox Live. Sometimes it’s pretty funny I will admit (like the other day a guy said to me “Man you suck at Modern Warfare… so, do you have a boyfriend?” LOL) but mostly it is completely annoying. I get online to play video games. I am not online looking for my future soul-mate.
The stories I have seen and heard online are some of the funniest things in life. You would think that only the men are guilty of this crime on Xbox Live but you would be sadly mistaking because the women are just as bad if not worst then some of the men I have run across.

Case in point it wasn’t 3 months ago when I was hanging out in party chat when a new name appeared in the party list. Let’s call this person’s gamer-tag “Ms. Kitty”. Now I had never spoken to Ms. Kitty before or even played a game with her but she seemed harmless enough. However, her whole demeanor took a change when one of my younger male friends popped into the party. We will call him “Young Jah Jah”. Ms. Kitty took an immediate liking to Young Jah Jah and invited him to private chat. What Ms. Kitty found out later is that Young Jah Jah is ONLY 17. Ms. Kitty is 26. He lives in New York, she lives in MD. All of these red flags were of no concern to Ms. Kitty. They exhanged phone numbers, had several private video chat conversations and she had even planned to take a trip to NY to meet him in person. Which is comepletely insane because he is a minor. Now me being the sane woman that I am I think this woman has 100% lost her mind. She brought this KID (because that is what he is) MS points, games and even signed him into her netflix account. This all leads me to believe that Ms. Kitty is a sad lonely woman that needed some attention and she was willing to get it from a young boy.

Needless to say the whole ordeal ended rather badly because she eventually became overly jealous (telling him he couldn’t play games with other girls), controlling (she wanted to watch movies with him every night she called it there evening “movie date”) and started showing her true crazy colors. He was a kid milking the situation because he was getting all types of free items from her. When he eventually realized that this situation was no longer fun he stopped communicating with her which lead her to believe that I of all people was the one she needed to turn to for advice. I however had nothing to say about this insane sitation because I have never and will never have that problem. So I would have no idea how to deal with it. So at this point I had enough of the foolishness of this whole situation and blocked all communcation from her.

The point of the story is: PLAY ONLINE FOR THE GAMES!!!! Yes online gaming is very social. It is fun to meet people that share some of your same interest and who knows you might meet that special someone during a heated match. BUT IT IS UNLIKELY. So just stick to the gaming for and avoid crazy people at all costs!

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