I Thought Guys Loved Female Gamers?!

16 Jun

Being a female gamer definitely has it’s perks! For one guys automatically think you are cool. I mean how many things in life make you cool by default? Can anyone answer that? I know I can’t. But one thing I know for sure MEN LOVE FEMALE GAMERS! Extra Brownie points if you are a cute gamer chick like myself (enter cute smile here 🙂
Well If this is true then why did I manage to get the one boyfriend in all the world that isn’t a fan of my gaming?! OH THE IRONY! OK so here is the truth. It is not that my boyfriend isn’t a fan of my gaming. He enjoys when we play fun co-op games together. Like he loves playing Splinter Cell Conviction, Gears of War 2 and we even get in time to play sports titles like NBA 2K10 and Madden 10.

There is one game however in my whole library that is an absolute deal breaker. This game just so happens to be one of my all time favorite games at the moment. That game is none other than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I have written a number of posts on this game. One of the reasons why I mention it so much is because I happen to play it A LOT!!! This game has caused so much fun and despair in my house for some time now. Whenever the boyfriend enters my room he looks my COD2 up and down as if he is contemplating throwing the game out the window. Now I have to admit I am not innocent in all this. There is a good reason why he happens to despise this game. In fact I can give you 5 main reasons.

1. When I play COD2 I completely ignore him!

So when I play this game I am in my own world. I am concentrating on hearing feet coming in my direction, I need to communicate to my team and I have to focus on the slightest movements in the background. So this usually means I don’t have time to small talk.

2. Phone conversations are too frustrating because he has to repeat himself CONSTANTLY!

OK there have been a number of phone conversations between us that I honestly can’t remember because I was too busy playing COD2 to care to listen to what he was telling me. Which means there is a good amount of information I know nothing about.

3. He feels like there is a role reversal!

It is usually the woman that is begging the men to get off the game and spend some quality time. So I can see why it would be a little awkward for him to even bring it up. This however did not stop him from leaving my house in frustration over COD2. Which by the way ended in a big argument.

4. He is jealous that I can play Shooters and he can’t!

My guy isn’t a shooter (No pun intended LOL). All jokes aside he hates 1st person shooter games. This happens to be one of my favorite genres in gaming so this takes a toll because he takes a backseat and watches instead of gaming. He plays everything but shooters which for me sucks ass!

5. He can’t beat me in games!
To be honest with you this should probably be number 1 because so far in our relationship I am UNDEFEATED. So yes this means I have beat him in every single versus match we have ever had! Here is a quick breakdown: Madden 4-0 NBA 2K10 1-0 COD2 2-0 Long story short. Guys love female gamers as long as they can beat them in games and the chick is not their girlfriend. But I am here to tell you if you are lucky enough to get a gamer chick who is cute and is your girlfriend cherish those moments because female gamers are not that easy to find. A Gamer chic girlfriend is like winning the lottery. It means more gaming and less nagging!


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  1. Daedalus Kalais June 17, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    >I think it really would depend on the guy.If I had a girlfriend who played MW2 and could no scope/long shot/headshot me at point blank or halfway across the map with any gun and no mods, I would be ecstatic.Of course if we're playing and she always wins, it would get a little frustrating, but that's normal. Personally, I get annoyed if I fire off too many bullets from my UMP 45 to kill someone. haha.

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