1 Jul

As I have mentioned in a previous post my boyfriend has yet to beat me in any video game. I am here to say that I am still undefeated! I do have a very interesting update on this. So I recently received the race car game Split Second for the XBOX 360. Split/Seconds core gimmick revolves around a series of environmental traps called power plays that causes your opponents to crash if you time them just right. You can fill your power play meter by drifting around turns, drafting behind opponents, and catching air off jumps. This game is actually pretty fun. It has a lot of replay value with its online multi player mode. So this was a good purchase.

Now lets get back to the meat and potatoes of this story. My boyfriend previously had this game on PS3. Since I had it on Xbox 360 he opted to trade in his PS3 version for the Xbox 360 version so we could play online together. Now his logic was since he was a Pro on the PS3 he would surely be able to teach me a lesson on the 360. So I took the liberty of playing the game for a day while he was working to get a feel for the game. I also didn’t want to mess up my flawless record by making rookie mistakes. So by the time he got home from work I was ready to play.
Needless to say I won every round we played. By the 6 round of game play I was pretty tired and ready to go to bed. He was ready to pull an all nighter and challenge me to a rematch in the morning since this was HIS game and I should not be able to beat him so easily in it.
The next morning rolls around and he believes he has worked out all the kinks and he is feeling extra confident. I egg him on with some playful trash talk and this gets him ready to make some bets. Now I never turn down a challenge. He beat be cold hard cash but cash was the last thing I wanted. I wanted this to be the most rewarding game of my life. So the terms of the beat were laid on the table. We were ready for blood and we start the race.
For a minute he had me worried by gaining an early lead but I like starting out slow and finishing strong. So after some quick powerplays the match was over and I was the VICTORIOUS ONE!! Now he had to go double or nothing because he is a man after all and we were in a Xbox Live party with some of our fellow gamers and he wanted to save face. The new terms of the bet were laid on the table and the race begins as it did before. He gained an early lead only to have me come around and ruin his plans for glory. This time however I didn’t want a rematch because the prize was to great to lose. So what did I win! Well, I will tell you.

1. He has to attend the movie Eclipse with me and my two best girlfriends. YES, I am talking about that super cheesy vampire/werewolf movie that is filled with sparkling vampires, ripped werewolf teens and screaming pre teen girls in attendance. Look I love the books so I have to see all the movies. But that’s not all
2. I also get to go to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants after the movie. Tony Changs in downtown Chinatown in Washington DC has a all you can eat Mongolian BBQ that is FANTASTIC.
3. To close off the best prize of all time he has to come home and spend the night at my house probably watching some of my favorite reality show programming while we drift off to sleep.
It is really awesome being a female gamer that can actually play the shit out of games. I hope he wants to make these types of bets with me often so that I can win more awesome cash and prizes.

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