How The Mighty Have Fallen

11 Jul

It really sucks to admit but I have FINALLY been defeated by my boyfriend in a video game. I am no longer invincible to him and it is a crushing blow to me. Here is how it all went down. Yesterday we decided to get some gaming in after a lengthy argument the previous night over my obsessive Modern Warfare 2 playing. We came to a happy agreement and decided to play some Split/Second the next night. Game night arrives and I put my trusty game into the Xbox 360 thinking to myself this is going to be to damn easy because I am way better at this game than my boyfriend. Boy was I wrong!
He has spent a lot more time on the game which means he has unlocked a lot more cars than I have. This however did not faze me because it never posed a problem before. SO the race starts as usual and I am using a car I have never tried out before. Big mistake on my part because this car was designed for some heavy drifting which made the handling on this car a lot different than what I was used to. This lead to me brushing up against walls a lot more and causing me to dodge explosions unsuccessfully. This coupled with him having a much better handle on his car and completely outplaying me lead him to placing in 3rd place while I fell behind to take the 6Th place spot.

Now he didn’t immediately celebrate because I think he couldn’t believe he took down the all-mighty BlackCanary007 as I am known in the Xbox Live universe so we geared up for another race. Completely different map. Now me being the cocky asshole I can be at times decided that I would have a better handle of this car and decided to give it another shot on this new map. BIG MISTAKE! I did have a better handle but when it came down to it I didn’t have as good a grasp on it as I thought I did. Which lead to him edging me out at the very last second with me coming in 3rd place and him coming in second. He literally just whipped around the corner and took the second place spot. Now here comes the celebration. You would have thought it was a club event taking place in his apartment. I swore I heard trumpets and champagne bottles!! I have been defeated and it was completely fair. He didn’t cheat, He didn’t try to get in my head he just simply outplayed me.

Go figure! It was a nice run and I felt great about being able to whoop his ass on a consistent basis but all good things must come to an end. I did however take solace in knowing that he couldn’t beat me again after those two rounds because I went back to what I knew and I locked it down. Now I am going to work on being a winner again. It is just going to make his gaming life more difficult because I don’t plan on letting my guard down again which means it will be another month or more before he beats me again. I hate to do it too the man I love but I can’t help that I am better. 🙂

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