19 Jul


I have to comment on the “first look” at Ryan ReynoldsGreen Lantern “costume,” on the cover of EW (magazines are still useful?!). This costume sucks Monkey Balls! Reynolds is not actually wearing a costume, rather the entire suit is CGI-ed onto his body. Who ever came up with this brilliant idea needs to be blackballed from Hollywood.
I would not only think that having your entire costume CGI-ed to your body would be more expensive then actually wearing a costume made out of material but having your costume CGI-ed is just fucking STUPID!!! It looks like something I created in photoshop. The mask looks like face paint. The costume looks even worst. If the costume looks this stupid I can only imagine what the fight scenes are going to look like. As a woman I would have loved to see Ryan Reynolds in an actual costume because he is a lovely piece of eye candy (I apologize in advance to all my male readers) but this is just crazy, bizarre and beyond stupid. I am not looking forward to this sure to be shitastic movie.

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  1. Anonymous August 2, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    >Man that costume completely blows ass!

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