It’s Official Kinect Will Retail For $150

22 Jul


The news might not be a surprise for most of you because speculated prices had been advertised on numerous retail websites since E3. Nevertheless, there were still some (small) surprises in Microsoft’s announcement. Kinect games will retail at $49.99, instead of the $59.99 more typical of Xbox 360 releases — and the basic Kinect unit will come bundled with multiplayer outdoor game Kinect Adventures.
Microsoft also took the wraps off a new Xbox 360 model, which’ll fill a gap in its range left after the retirement of the old-style Xbox Arcade. The new unit will match the design of the new “slim” Xbox 360 announced in June, but will come with 4 GB of internal storage instead of a hard drive, and a matt black finish. It’ll set you back $200 — $100 cheaper than the hard drive-equipped model. Expect to be showing up in stores next month. But if you’re in the market for a new Xbox, and you’re curious about this Kinect business, we’d suggest not taking the plunge just yet. Instead, hold out for fall, when Microsoft will release a bundle that includes the just-announced 4 GB Xbox 360, together with the Kinect hardware and Kinect Adventures, for $299, a $50 saving on buying the kit individually. And while $150 seems rather steep for an unproven control system, we can see that bundle turning up under plenty of trees this holiday season.

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