“Hand Held Controllers Obsolete in 3 years” says idiot boyfriend!

30 Jul

OK, so there are a lot of things my boyfriend and I do not agree on. What movies we should go see or what television show we should watch for the evening sometimes can be tricky. But nothing and I mean nothing has lead to more of a WWE styled showdown then the idiotic statement he made to me today! The man told me that “Hand held controllers will be obsolete in 3 years”. Seriously how did you become my boyfriend making such stupid statements. So let’s analyze this statement with some facts!

Nintendo Wii

Four years ago, Nintendo introduced its Wii, built around a simple motion sensor, the Wiimote control, which did away with complicated buttons and simplified game playing. The Wii not only saved the company, it started a chain reaction in the gaming business which is why Sony is introducing their motion sensor controller Move and Microsoft is countering with Kinect.

Xbox 360 250GB and Kinect
Xbox 360 with Kinect

What will Microsoft’s Kinect do for you? Well it will allow users to operate the Xbox 360 Dashboard console user interface using voice commands and hand gestures. Techniques such as voice recognition and facial recognition are used for automatically identifying users. Among the applications for Kinect is Video Kinect, which uses Kinect for conducting voice chat or video chat with Windows Live Messenger users or other Xbox 360 users.

Playstation Move Controllers

What about PlayStation‘s Move? The PlayStation Move motion controller is a wand controller which allows the user to interact with the
Playstation 3 much in the same way as the Nintendo Wii controller.
Now does this mean that hand held controllers will become null and void? To me the answer is a resounding NO! And I am going to give you my top reasons why!

1. There are just too many games that require a controller to get the best experience!
I will guarantee you no matter how popular something like Kinect and Move will undoubtedly be, it will not make controllers obsolete for this very reason. How is it possible to play Uncharted, Killzone and God of War, Gears of War series, Splinter Cell etc. without a controller? Without hand held controllers the experience of playing these titles will be greatly diminished causing people to riot in the streets!

2. Switch to motion-only gaming would be a double edged financial risk for any gaming company!
Even after the focus is placed on motion controllers over traditional controllers the traditional controllers will still be catered to for financial success. You could try to argue that Nintendo did it but they really didn’t. Most Wii games can be successfully played without getting up and occasionally having to wag the wii mote. There’s a huge risk that customers would stop buying games because the games are not what they want anymore. This is the problem wii is having as we speak. Most hardcore gamers do not play wii outside of the Mario and Legend of Zelda titles for this very reason. There’s a massive install base that would be ignored from such a switch.

3. These  peripherals (peripherals being the key word) are designed to work BESIDE the controller in the “Hardcore” games not replace it.
As you read above there will be some titles that work in correspondence with motion free gaming. This holds especially true with Kinect since there isn’t any physical controller to use with Microsoft’s Kinect system.

4. Playing with a motion sensor controller is a novelty!
I honesty do not see the day where I am excited to get home to play a game where I run in place and shoot with an invisible hand held gun at the TV screen. These things are great for group parties for entertainment and it has already been proven to be an excellent source for family bonding. But doing these things alone in the living room can get a little boring and quite frankly a little sad. Make sure the shades are down when you attempt making a fool of yourself alone.

5.  This is not just about gaming!
Motion sensors was not designed with just gaming in mind. It also comes in handy when you are dealing with the interface. This will help with selecting movies, chatting with friends and easy marketplace browsing. This is all implemented to make each system user friendly to broaden its appeal to consumers in general and not just gamers. This is why you can play DVDs, music and even stream movies from Netflix on these consoles because they want households to buy these products whether they are gamers or not.

So in closing I am much smarter than my cute boyfriend because I take all these things in account and I do not get lost in the novelty of the idea. Sure I am excited about the direction gaming is going. I am sure we are going to see some innovative and exciting things that will continue to make video gaming fun and challenging but hand held controllers becoming obsolete I doubt it.

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2 Responses to ““Hand Held Controllers Obsolete in 3 years” says idiot boyfriend!”

  1. Anonymous August 2, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    >Your boyfriend is not that smart. What was he thinking making that comment. Does he even play videogames?!

  2. Anonymous August 9, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    >I seriously doubt controllers would be obsolete because who want s to come home from work or school or practice to do more work…meaning you may be too tired to play tha damn game, people want to sit, chill, relax and comfortably yell at tha screen, not flail around like a moron until eventually you end up not wanting to play at all or for that matter, your gaming sessions last maybe a few minutes because you're too tired. I could go on but, I seriously don't think controllers will be obsolete, the gaming companies are not dumb, they know they would loses money if they did this.sniperspiderman XBL

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