Brad Pitt Linked To Red Dead Redemption Movie

5 Sep

With video game to movie adaptations coming out of the wood work there is no surprise in hearing all the chatter about the hit Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption may be coming to a theatre near you. I just never would have thought a star with such a big name would be attached to it. Brad Pitt may have been tapped to play the gritty lead character John Marston!

Yup, according to ShowbizSpy, Pitt has been given first refusal on Marston’s role. If the movie follows the plot of the game, it’d see Pitt embarking on a sweeping hunt for atonement (not to mention his captured wife and son) across the embryonic American West.

Now don’t get me wrong the idea seems fantastic but Hollywood and the gaming industry have tried time and time again to horrific results. Does anyone remember the Mario Bros movie or even Mortal Kombat (that movie is campy shit at best) There has even been talk over the years to bring  many popular video games into movies, including Halo, Bioshock, and even PAC-Man but none of those projects have even gotten close to filming and who is the jack ass that thought a PAC- Man movie would even work?

There has yet to be one single solitary movie adapted from a game that has actually been any good. But if any game adaptation had the potential to break that trend Red Dead Redemption is it. It’s a classic western tale and who doesn’t love a good western? Maybe Pitt’s star power and acting skills will not only make this movie good but will bring even more star power to the cast! I think this one could turn out great if the stars align.

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