Zack Snyder Will Direct the Next Superman Film!

5 Oct


It is official. Zack Snyder who directed the Dawn of the Dead remake, 300 (which was a huge box office smash) and Watchmen was picked by producers Christopher Nolan and David Goyer to direct the next Superman movie. His current project “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” is in theatres now and is doing fairly well.

Zack said that he will begin work on the new Superman when he finishes his next movie Sucker Punch which will be out  Next March. It sucks that Warners has had so much trouble with “Superman” films. You can argue there hasn’t been a good one since “Superman II”  with two bad Christopher Reeve sequels after that, and “Supergirl” was just a terrible and completely ill-advised movie. Then comes Singer’s polarizing reboot attempt in 2006, which some loved and others (like myself) found completely B-O-R-I-N-G. Where Superman has a super-son? Really?! Like a human woman would be able to carry his child! Duh?! Oh, and Kate Bosworth is the worst Lois Lane imaginable!

Look we all know what the problem is as far as making a Superman movie is concerned. Superman is a relic. People today want antiheroes! We like Batman because he’s flawed. Batman is full of anger and guilt which makes him all the more human. We love Tony Stark because he’s a selfish, full of himself asshole but let’s be honest if you had Tony’s capabilities and mind you would probably be a prick too. So Superman in this day and age can come off as cheesy because he is for lack of a better word “Perfect”.

I see what Singer was trying to create with his Superman reboot by tapping into the naivete of the whole thing but it just made the movie seem even more dated and out of touch. The reason the first two “Superman” films worked was that they were rooted in a recognizable place: Metropolis was late-’70s New York City through and through.

What Zack needs to understand is that Superman is a alien! Don’t let people forget that because that is important.  He is the one who is out of place. He is a real hero here to save the day, to give all the cynics  faith again. To believe a man can fly, you must at first believe a man cannot! If the new Superman movie can somehow figure out a way to channel that spirit I think it will at least turn out to be an entertaining and watchable movie.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Sucker Punch in theatres March 2011
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