Superman’s Emo Makeover?

27 Oct
Superman has a new look, and the redrawn Man of Steel now more closely resembles a Twilight Vampire than the super hero icon we have known to love.

The New Superman Look

The new Superman will appear in “Superman: Earth One,” a graphic novel by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis that retells the superhero’s origin story. While the iconic superhero retains his dark mane and defined six pack, he now has a decidedly more emo vibe — pale, much leaner, and brooding. (No need to get too worked up, Superman loyalists: This new graphic novel series doesn’t replace the original comics, but rather will serve as a “reinterpretation” of his younger years.) Which I think is DC Comics way of testing the waters if you ask me. We all know the purists are going to be all over this one ready to tear the new Superman a new one.

The Superhero Universe seems to have been increasingly influenced by what could be termed the “Twilight Effect,” as Wonder Woman was given a similarly “edgy” makeover in June when her “bustier and hotpants” were traded out for a blue biker jacket and a trendy new hair style.
In the words of the New York Post, the new Man of Steel “wears hoodies” and “has smoldering eyes”; and as Clark Kent, he wears low-cut pants and skinny ties. So basically Superman has turned into a full-on hipster. Or Super gay! Which ever way you want to say it best!
Traditional Superman

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio described the graphic novel — in book stores November 2 — with adjectives more typically used to hype new CW dramas aimed at young girls.
“We wanted to tell a story that’s hip, sexy, and moody,” he said.

Jon HammImage via Wikipedia
Jon Hamm

Well in the movie update I think they are going to go for a more traditional Superman look. Word on the street is that Jon Hamm (Mad Men)  is the natural front-runner to play the Man of Steel (at least in the eyes of Internet commenters and fanboy director Kevin Smith) in the upcoming Zack Snyder reboot. If they go with him I will have no objections because I believe he looks the part and has the acting chops to take Superman to where he needs to go. Jon Hamm is closer to the Christopher Reeve look which is a good thing because if Zack Snyder goes anywhere near the “wannabe ultra hip” version of the “New Superman” than GOD HELP US ALL! But I doubt Zack would do anything like that. He is known for sticking close to source material on these types of projects. What do you think about the new Superman look? Love it or hate it?!

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