Zombie Themed Survival Horror MMO Coming To Xbox Live!

4 Feb
Class 3 Concept Art

What would be your strategy for surviving full on zombie apocalypse! What is first on the list. I am thinking weapons, medical supplies and food. But what about shelter? What about finding other survivors? These are the questions you will have to constantly ask yourself when this zombie themed MMO hits Xbox Live.

Class 3 Concept Art

Developer Undead Labs partnered with Microsoft Game Studios to create an
open world zombie themed video game for Xbox Live. The game codenamed “Class3”, forces players to survive within a zombie outbreak where tough decisions have to be made that could draw the line between life or death.

Class 3 Concept Art

Matt Booty, General Manager of Microsoft Game
Studios had this to say about the project. “We are proud to collaborate with Undead Labs on the creation of a new
game for Xbox 360, The Undead Labs team has a successful track record making
innovative online games, and we are excited to support them as they
bring their experience and talent to Xbox Live.”

The game is a third person shooter. Survivors must work together to
survive and to provide themselves shelter from the flesh eating zombies waiting to devour them. To do this you will have to  rescue characters, go on food and ammunition hunts. This open world evolves based on player choices. Which I am sure will lead to some interesting moments in gaming.

Class 3 Concept Art

This game is a long way from hitting your Xbox Live Marketplace but so far this is sounding FANTASTIC! I for one can’t wait to see the end result. I think this has a lot of promise to being a great MMO for Xbox Live that everyone will be playing for sure. I am also positive there are going to be some very frustrating nights with people not conserving their ammo and wasting supplies. I can see quite a few heated arguments taking place because there are “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” if you know what I mean. I am going to be keeping a close tab on this project as it progresses and I will be posting all of my findings here of course. Leave your comments and thoughts! Are you excited about this?

Class 3 Concept Art
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