Conan O’Brien Was Almost on Xbox Live!

8 Feb

According to the web site Gamasutra TV comedian Conan O’Brien almost ended up doing a show to be shown exclusively on the Xbox 360. According to executive producer Jeff Ross, Microsoft approached Conan O’Brien after he left NBC
in early 2010 and asked him to do a show for Xbox Live. “You meet with
these guys and they show you all this stuff that they’re developing and
it’s mind blowing,” said Ross. “I think it’s coming and it’s big. It’s
just that we weren’t in a position at that point to figure out what it
was.” Apparently things didn’t pan out because Microsoft was unclear
about the direction they wanted to go in if Conan decided to come on
board. This lead to Conan ending up on TBS. To read more about this story Click Here!


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  1. tacos912 February 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    >Mainstream television will eventually move to internet and gaming consoles, traditional cable is dying. I'm sure we will see him on Live in the future!Return followers are always welcome :)

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