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Xbox Live Update Sticks it to Hackers!

19 Jan

Microsoft released a mandatory update to the Xbox 360 this morning via Xbox LIVE that brings back a boot-up option that was previously taken away. But what you may not know is that it is really messing with all the hackers out there that love to make online gaming a pain in the ass! Continue reading


Call of Duty: Black Ops’ to be released in 3-D

6 Oct


SANTA MONICA, Calif. – As if the gun-toting action in “Call of Duty: Black Ops” wasn’t expected to feel real enough in high definition, Activision Blizzard Inc. announced Tuesday that the latest entry in its successful first-person-shooter video game franchise would be released in 3-D, yet another addition to the 3-D revolution’s growing arsenal. Continue reading

10 Types of Xbox Live Gamers

5 Oct

If you’ve spent more than a day on Xbox Live, you would have come across a various array of gamers– regardless of the genre of the game. You will become frustrated for sure. Some were dropped in the gaming universe to be a permanent pain in your ass. So I have compiled a list of what you should expect to encounter from gamers on Xbox Live. Most of them are an annoyance but there is light at the end of the tunnel. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Bungie is Cleaning House!

14 Sep
Halo: Reach
Bungie’s final weekly update before the launch of Halo: Reach mentions that it has already wiped Credits early players have earned in the game, and begun banning online cheaters. Continue reading

Brad Pitt Linked To Red Dead Redemption Movie

5 Sep

With video game to movie adaptations coming out of the wood work there is no surprise in hearing all the chatter about the hit Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption may be coming to a theatre near you. I just never would have thought a star with such a big name would be attached to it. Brad Pitt may have been tapped to play the gritty lead character John Marston! Continue reading

Are all male gamers SORE LOSERS?

25 Apr

I know that all male gamers are not sore losers. I have come across some who thought it was pretty cool that I whipped their asses. However, I have come across more bad apples than good ones. I would like to think that it has more to do with them being beat out by a female than being beat at all but this particular game turned out of control very quickly. Continue reading