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Zombie Themed Survival Horror MMO Coming To Xbox Live!

4 Feb
Class 3 Concept Art

What would be your strategy for surviving full on zombie apocalypse! What is first on the list. I am thinking weapons, medical supplies and food. But what about shelter? What about finding other survivors? These are the questions you will have to constantly ask yourself when this zombie themed MMO hits Xbox Live. Continue reading


10 Types of Xbox Live Gamers

5 Oct

If you’ve spent more than a day on Xbox Live, you would have come across a various array of gamers– regardless of the genre of the game. You will become frustrated for sure. Some were dropped in the gaming universe to be a permanent pain in your ass. So I have compiled a list of what you should expect to encounter from gamers on Xbox Live. Most of them are an annoyance but there is light at the end of the tunnel. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Brad Pitt Linked To Red Dead Redemption Movie

5 Sep

With video game to movie adaptations coming out of the wood work there is no surprise in hearing all the chatter about the hit Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption may be coming to a theatre near you. I just never would have thought a star with such a big name would be attached to it. Brad Pitt may have been tapped to play the gritty lead character John Marston! Continue reading

Gamer of the Week!

11 Aug


Here is Ix iRon Taco xI
Here is this week’s “Gamer of the Week! He is a NY native who plays guitar in a kick ass band known as “Nothing Near Sight”. His band currently plays Metallica cover songs while they are working on their own cool material. So I had a little chat to get inside the head of a power cord playing guitar player to learn about some of the things he likes and his gaming habits. Continue reading

Madden 2011 is finally here!

10 Aug
She was the very first person to receive her
copy because she was the first person in line

OK,  so I am just getting home from my local video game store from picking up my copy of Madden 2011 at 12am. I haven’t cracked open my game just yet because I wanted to write this post. I did however manage to get a little game time in at the store for one half and I can honestly say that I think I am going to be comfortable with the changes that have been made to the game. There are a few things I have to get used to. For instance there is no turbo button on the default settings. I didn’t realize this until after a couple of plays but before you know if you will completely forget all about the missing turbo. But all in all the game play looks fantastic. This year’s Madden is most definitely geared towards the mainstream football fan by being less complex so to some this will be a welcomed change but to some of the hardcore Madden fans there may be a few complaints. But I don’t think the bad outweigh the good here. So enjoy the game everybody. Looking forward to seeing you online. Continue reading

No More Wasted Micosoft Points?!

14 May

How many of you have a small pittance of leftover Microsoft Points from your last Xbox Live Marketplace purchase, putting you in the untenable position of either letting the points go to waste or purchasing a new batch of points in a large increment that will probably only leave you with yet more leftover points after a purchase anyway? Well, good news: That’s less likely to happen now. Continue reading

Are all male gamers SORE LOSERS?

25 Apr

I know that all male gamers are not sore losers. I have come across some who thought it was pretty cool that I whipped their asses. However, I have come across more bad apples than good ones. I would like to think that it has more to do with them being beat out by a female than being beat at all but this particular game turned out of control very quickly. Continue reading